Moodle Math Question Creator

This program came about because I was wanting a quick way to generate sets of math fact questions for my Algebra 1 students.

You are free to use this page as long as you don't sell the output from it.

Select which operation you wish to generate questions. The options don't apply to all operations.

Questions will be generated of the form of left number operation right number.

The first set of limits is the only limits used by the square roots operation.

Because this server isn't very powerful I've limited the number of questions that this will generate at any one time to 1000.

This program will generate a Moodle XML file containing numeric questions which can then be imported into your moodle class.

For the square root questions to display properly you need the Algebra Notation Filter turned on on your Moodle server or you need to do a delete the @@ symbols in the resulting xml file.

If you have questions, problems or suggestions drop me an note at awoehler at Make sure to mention Moodle Question Creator in the subject so that I don't accidentily mistake it as spam.

Further discussion about this may be found at in the Questions module.




Display Options:

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Example output:

<question type="numerical">
<text>Evaluate: 1+1</text>
<questiontext format="html">
<text>Evaluate: 1+1</text>

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